Wound Cleanser

Easy to use, gentle wound cleanser with zinc-nutrient formulation.
wound cleanser
wound cleanser

3M™ Wound Cleanser

3M™ Wound Cleanser
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Zinc-nutrient formulated, gentle wound cleanser in easy to use squeeze bottle.



3M Wound Cleanser is a non-antimicrobial, no-rinse liquid with a zinc-nutrient formulation that provides a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing.

Low cytoxicity potential, pH-balanced
Gentle spray stream consistent with guidelines for safe and effective cleansing
Delivered in a convenient easy open, easy squeeze bottle
Fragrance free, no rinse formulation

Suggested Applications

3M Wound Cleanser is available in a single patient multidose unit, designed to cleanse partial and full thickness ulcers and dermal wounds including:
Pressure ulcers
Superficial partial thickness burns
Open surgical incisions
Venous ulcers
Arterial ulcers
Skin tears
Neuropathic ulcers

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