How to Make Your Feet Beautiful

Fed up of tired, aching, ugly feet?

Follow these steps to tootsie heaven


1.     Remove any chipped nail varnish on your toes.

2.     File off any dead skin, because it only looks disguisting.

3.     Fill a bowl with warm water or a bubble bath of your choice.

4.      Dip your feet in and relax as your feet become soft and smooth.

5.     Take your feet out and pat dry with a towel.

6.     Massage your feet with a moisturizer or lotion.

7.     Trim your nails if necessary. Especially your big toe. File them carefully so that they are smooth.

8.     Paint them with clear nail varnish, or a color of your choice.

9.     Put on lots of moisturizer/lotion, and then slip on a pair of cotton socks. Your feet will have never felt so good! Or, put on lots of Vaseline on your feet and slip on some 100% cotton socks.


·         Do this every week to keep your feet beautiful!

·         If you find that moisturizer soaks through cotton socks and leave sticky, greasy stains on your floors, a different solution is to apply the moisturizer, then slip on a pair of PVC overshoes directly over your bare feet.

·          The overshoes will help retain the moisture and help the moisturizer work better.

·         Once you are finished they can be washed out with soap and water if need be.

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    Iara Fagundes (Thursday, 08 October 2009 15:26)

    Hello my dera friende.
    This is work is very beautiful!
    Kisses for you from Brasil.