Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis

Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis, 5th edition

Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis, 5th edition
by Nicholas J. Talley, Simon O'Connor
ISBN-10: 0729537625 | Churchill Livingstone; 5 edition | December 1, 2005 | 520 pages | chm | 36mb

The new 5th edition of Clinical Examination continues to serve all medical students with a clear and understandable explanation of clinical examination. Set out logically and systematically, this best-selling textbook has comprehensive coverage of essential skills necessary for history taking and examining the patient. Highly regarded by students world-wide, this text continues to grow in strength. Clinical Examination, 5th edition has been revised and updated to include: more evidence-based medicine; new full-color artwork; and a fresh new look allowing greater accessibility for readers. The new edition covers clinical examination and concepts in a systems approach in a clear, consistent and user-friendly approach. Readers using this edition of Clinical Examination will have access to Here you will receive full online access to the text and numerous interactive extras such as video clips demonstrating some of the more difficult examinations & MCQ's. Written by two internationally renowned authors, Clinical Examination, 5th edition will continue to provide students with a superb reference for performing clinical methods.

Offers access to the full text and other valuable features online via the STUDENT CONSULT website.

Now in full-color.
New artwork provides consistency and improves quality of images as seen in previous edition.
New design of overall layout offering greater accessibility.
More evidence-based medicine.










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