Why Do Diabetics Need Special Shoes?

Diabetes can lead to foot problems. Diabetics should seek a specialist and buy special fitting shoes in order to relieve pain and prevent further damage.



Diabetes raises blood sugar levels, resulting in damage to nerves and blood vessels. As a result, diabetics lose feeling in their feet and end up unable to notice things like blisters and cuts that can lead to ulcers and infection.




Diabetics should buy shoes that fit the shape of the foot, relieve pressure, reduce foot shock, help limit joint motion and have good lacing options.




Diabetics should see a podiatrist for recommendations in shoe fitting. They should also shop at shoe stores that specialize in helping people with diabetes. A diabetes specialist can recommend podiatrists and suitable shoe stores.




There are a few types of diabetic shoes available. In-depth shoes are the most commonly prescribed. They have a lot of room and absorb shock. Podiatrists can make molds of people with hard to fit feet to make custom-made shoes. Orthotic inserts can also be worn with shoes.


According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, improperly fitting shoes are involved in as many as half of problems that lead to foot amputations.

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