Infrared Treatment for Neuropathy

Neuropathy causes pain, numbness and tingling in patients afflicted with the condition. Not actually a disease in itself, neuropathy is typically the result of an underlying condition. Many patients with diabetes suffer from neuropathy. One method that physical therapists use to treat patients with neuropathy involves the use of infrared treatment. It is one of very few options for non-medicinal treatment



The Anodyne Therapy System (ATS) was first tested early in 2004 as a treatment option for patients suffering from neuropathy. This non-invasive treatment uses near-infrared light to stimulate blood flow. It has afforded patients some very positive results.




Treatment with infrared through the ATS method has been known to improve balance, restore sensation and help reduce pain in patients suffering from neuropathy. By dilating both arteries and veins, it increases blood flow in the regions where patients had been suffering pain and numbness.




Anodyne Therapy System LLD is located in Tampa, Florida, and is the only manufacturer in the world of this treatment product. The treatments are administered through the use of therapy pads. Each pad contains 60 superluminous diodes that are light-emitting and give off infrared rays. An infrared ray is light that travels at a wavelength of 890 NM.




The therapy pads are placed directly on the patient's skin--on the area experiencing the neuropathy symptoms. The anodyne unit is then activated electronically to stimulate the pad. As the infrared is administered, the pad produces photon energy. The photon energy helps release nitric oxide from the red blood cells, helping deliver nutrients and oxygen where it had previously been lacking.


Physical therapists typically work with neuropathy patients throughout eight to 10 ATS treatments. Once they determine that progress has been made, the patient has the option to procure their own ATS unit and continue with the therapy at home. The therapists teach the patients where to place the therapy pads and how long to administer their treatment, based on each patient's individual needs.


In addition to the success of the infrared neuropathy treatments for pain and numbness, doctors and patients alike are pleased there is a therapy option that doesn't require the ingestion of drugs. Since most neuropathy sufferers have been diagnosed with additional conditions, including those triggering the neuropathy, they likely take a regimen of medications already. ATS treatments are far better for the body than pain medications

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    Renee Turner (Friday, 13 January 2017 15:24)

    Do commercially available infrared-emitting devices also work?