How to Help Prevent Common Foot Problems from Diabetes

Because diabetes can damage your blood vessels and nerves and decrease the body's ability to fight infection, people with diabetes are more prone to foot problems. Diabetics may be less able to sense injury or pressure on their feet and may not notice an injury until it has advanced to an infection. These simple steps can help prevent common foot problems from diabetes.


Things You'll Need:

  • Lotion or Petroleum Jelly
  • Talc
  • Good shoes
  • Podiatrist
  • Health Care Physician
  • Hand held Mirror

How to Help Prevent Common Foot Problems from Diabetes

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Wash feet daily with mild soap and warm water. Rinse and dry well, especially between the toes.

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Apply lotion or petroleum jelly to the tops and bottoms of feet but not in between the toes to prevent rough skin and calluses.

  1. 3

Apply talc between toes to prevent fungus.

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Promote circulation in the feet by taking regular walks. Stretch the toes and ankles by raising up on tiptoes periodically throughout the day.

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Protect your feet by never walking barefoot or wearing shoes with no socks. This will prevent unwanted scrapes, cuts and splinters.

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Invest in good shoes. Choose shoes that are comfortable and well-fitting to prevent blisters and calluses.

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Inspect your feet daily for trouble spots. Treat blisters, cuts or splinters immediately.

  1. 8

Schedule yearly appointments with a podiatrist for a complete foot exam.


Tips & Warnings

  • Choose well padded, non-binding socks.
  • Controlling blood sugar will help protect against the damages of diabetes.
  • Avoid plastic or vinyl shoes that chafe or irritate the feet.
  • Visit a podiatrist or your health care physician for trouble spots that don't seem to heal.

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