How to Control Diabetic Nerve pain with foods

Did you know that there are certain types of foods that can help control diabetic nerve pain you feel? Living with diabetes doesn't have to be a curse. There are ways to modify your diet and nutrition in order to cope with diabetic nerve pain better. What are some ways to control diabetic nerve pain with foods?



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Eat cold water fish on a daily basis. You should eat a minimum of one serving of cold water fish daily to help diabetic nerve pain management. Cold water fish includes fish such as tuna or mackerel. There are Omega 3 fatty acids in cold water fish that help you control diabetic nerve pain by lowering cholesterol and increasing general blood circulation.

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Eat one serving of fresh walnuts on a daily basis. Walnuts are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and help to control diabetic nerve pain you feel.

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Get the salt off of your dining room table and out of your kitchen. Sodium causes water retention and can intensify diabetic nerve pain that you feel. Eliminate adding salt to your foods or eating canned items. Canned items are really bad for high sodium content which can make diabetic nerve pain much worse in the long run.

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