How to Choose Slippers for Diabetics

If you don’t have diabetes, you might think that a pair of slippers is a simple purchase. Diabetics on the other hand can’t choose slippers without taking a few things into consideration. If you’re buying a pair of slippers for someone with diabetes, you too need to consider a few important features. After all, a diabetic’s feet are much more sensitive than your own. If you make the wrong choice, your well thought out gift will be useless.



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Choose a pair with thick padding. Diabetics often suffer from what is known as neuropathy. This condition damages the nerves in a diabetic’s feet. The pain and discomfort from the condition means that diabetics need slippers that can offer comfort. That’s why you need to choose a pair that has a thick, foam padding. If possible, choose a pair that forms around the foot and offers the highest level of comfort.

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Look for a thick sole. Diabetics need shoes that offer protection. When diabetics injure their feet, it can take weeks or even months for the injury to heal. For that reason, it is essential that you choose slippers that have a thick, rubber sole. This helps ensure that nothing penetrates the sole and cuts the diabetic’s foot.

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Make sure they offer enough support. Neuropathy can cause diabetics to lose coordination and balance. When choosing a pair of slippers, make sure they offer enough support. A pair of slippers that are flimsy can cause the diabetic to fall or injure their feet.

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Try a pair on. To make sure slippers will meet the qualifications listed in Steps 1 through 3, try a pair on. This allows you to determine if the slippers comfortable and offer enough support. This allows you to feel any spots that may cause discomfort. If the slippers need to be broken in, they aren’t a good choice.

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Ask other diabetics for recommendations. If you’re still unsure which pair of slippers to choose, ask other diabetics for advice. Usually, you can get information on specific brand names and styles that are the safest and more comfortable.

Tips & Warnings

  • Chatrooms are a great place to get information from other diabetics.
  • The staff at shoe stores can also offer good advice.
  • When trying on slippers, make sure they don’t rub the feet. This can cause sores on a diabetic’s feet.


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