How to Buy Diabetic Shoes

Diabetes is a serious condition that can cause foot problems in those afflicted with the illness. Properly fitting footwear is essential to discourage ulcers and infection in the feet. Learn how to buy the right diabetic shoes to maintain foot health.



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Arrange to be professionally fitted for diabetic shoes. A pedorthist is trained to measure and fit shoes for people with special foot needs.

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Try on diabetic shoes to ensure a proper fit. You want to be able to move your toes around freely. If you have prescription orthotics or inserts for your diabetic shoes, place the insert into all shoes you try on to ensure the proper fit.

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Buy diabetic shoes that encourage proper ventilation. Excess moisture can harbor bacteria that can cause sores and ulcers to form on the feet, a situation that is especially dangerous for those who cope with diabetes.

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Check the contour of the diabetic shoe. Make sure that there is a minimal curve in the heal and toe areas of the shoe that encourages balanced walking and discourages too much pressure on the foot.

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Purchase custom diabetic shoes if your feet are plagued with complex problems that affect the shape of the foot. Doctors can write prescriptions for special shoes that include healing shoes (allow special room if you've had foot surgery) and in-depth shoes that have extra room in the toe area.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check to see if you qualify for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. If you qualify, Medicare can pay for 80 percent of the cost of your diabetic shoe needs.
  • For added protection against foot ailments, wear diabetic socks with your diabetic shoes.
  • Always measure the width of your feet as well as the length to ensure a proper fit when you buy diabetic shoes


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