Foot Care for Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic health condition characterized by high levels of blood sugar. Diabetics have a high risk of developing foot complications, which can lead to serious conditions such as neuropathy. Following a daily foot care routine can substantially lower a diabetic's risk of potential problems



Diabetics must check their feet every day for cuts, red spots, blisters, calluses or swelling. They should carefully examine their entire foot, including the sides, heel, between the toes, top and sole.




Diabetics should wash their feet every day with mild soap and warm water. Hot water and strong soaps could damage the skin and lead to serious injury.




A diabetic's feet can quickly become extremely dry and cracked. Diabetics should moisturize their feet with lotion or oil at least once a day, preferably after washing and never between the toes.




Nails should be regularly trimmed straight across and all edges filed with a nail file or an emery board.


A diabetic should wear shoes at all times to protect the feet from injury. Shoes should be comfortable and fit correctly.


Diabetics should wear comfortable socks for an extra layer of foot protection. Socks should be dry, nonbinding and seamless

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