Sprained Ankle Complications

·  Sprained ankles are fairly common and not considered orthopedic emergencies. They are typically treated with Ace bandages, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and rest. But sprains can go from manageable to a problematic if complications develop.


Chronic Pain

·  Individuals who suffer multiple sprains in the same area may begin to experience chronic pain. This can also happen if you do not allow the ankle to completely heal before resuming normal activity. The pain occurs as the joint becomes more unstable. In many cases, surgery is necessary.



·  Frequent ankle sprains can also spur early onset arthritis. Also a chronic condition, arthritis caused by sprained ankle complications can sometimes be controlled through use of anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. In some instances, though, surgery is required to slow the progression of the arthritis and restore ankle stability.



·  Joint instability is a common complication. According to MD Guidelines, "loose bodies may develop from articular cartilage damage at the time of the injury." Surgery may be necessary to remove the extraneous tissue and promote stability. Symptoms of this condition include chronic pain and localized swelling

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