Back of Ankle Pain

The ankle is like a hinge. It moves the foot and is composed of many bones, ligaments and muscles. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries. Overuse, an injury and certain diseases can cause ankle pain. Treatments differ and ankle pain should never be ignored. A doctor will assess the injury and then advise what treatment or therapy should be followed.


1.        An ankle sprain is an injury in the ligament of the ankle.The pain will be felt on either side of the foot and the back of the ankle. A twisted ankle can cause a sprain. Treatment includes rest, ice and limited weight bearing. Reducing inflammation will help alleviate some of the pain.


2.       An ankle fracture can cause severe to moderate back of the ankle pain. Most fractures are healed by casting the bone. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the fracture, surgery may be required. Anti-inflammatory medications can help with the pain.


3.       Tendinitis in the ankle often involves an inflammation of the Achilles tendon located in the back of the ankle. Injury, overuse and arthritis are often to blame. Elevation of the ankle, immobilizing the area, rest, anti-inflammatory medicines, and ice are treatments. Physical activities should be avoided to prevent a ruptured Achilles, which most usually requires surgery.

Nerve Compressions

4.       Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a result of nerve compression around the ankle. It involves the sensory nerve in the foot and causes back of the ankle pain, numbness and tingling. Stress, arthritis, obesity and diabetes can be causes. Rest, immobilization, ice and therapy are treatments.


5.       Although uncommon, infections of the ankle joints can occur and cause back of the ankle pain. A puncture wound or trauma can be to blame. A break in the skin around the ankle can cause ulcers and abrasions and those with compromised immune systems must be especially cautious (i.e., diabetics and AIDS patients).

Posterior Impingment

6.       When tissues in the ankle joint are trapped between the bones in the ankle, ankle impingement can occur. It is usually apparent when the ankle is bent up or down. Posterior impingement affects the back of the ankle. Ballet dancers are suffer from this aliment.




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