Ankle Pain in Runners


·  Because of its prevalence, ankle injury is a high concern for most runners. Ankle injuries can put runners out of action for months, which can mean missing an entire season of events.


·  There are several types of ankle problems that runners face. The top culprits of ankle pain are stress fracture, sprain, tendonitis and neuroma (the irritation and thickening of a nerve in the foot).


·  Running on a sore ankle is not a good idea. Take a break from running or other high-impact exercises until the ankle is no longer sore.


·  Get a sore ankle checked out by a doctor before beginning a running regimen again. If there is significant swelling, intense pain or any abnormalities to the shape, see a doctor immediately or go to an emergency room. This indicates a serious medical problem.


·  Always stretch after a run and warm up properly before beginning a workout. Wear properly fitted footwear that has proper padding and support. Wear a brace if the ankle has had more than one sprain.

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