Ankle Pain Diagnosis

Ankle pain is characterized as any pain in the ankle area, the joint that connects the leg to the foot. The ankle is composed of tendons, ligaments and muscles that work together to allow a person to walk and move. An ankle that becomes injured will inhibit normal function and activity.


1.        A sprain or strain in the ankle has symptoms of swelling in the ankle, bruising and limited ability to put weight on the ankle. Arthritis in an ankle will show symptoms of inflammation and pain along with swelling and stiffness. Symptoms of tendinitis are tenderness and pain in the area of the tendon, sometimes at night. The pain will worsen with activity. Tenosynovitis is an injury with swelling and inability to move the joint, along with pain and tenderness.


2.       A strain in the ankle occurs from a torn or pulled muscle, while a sprain is a torn or pulled ligament. These injuries are common in sports or during activities that require extensive movement. Arthritis is caused from a degeneration of cartilage occurring from an injury, wear on the joint, or disease that affects the joint. Pain caused by tendinitis occurs when the tendon becomes less elastic and prone to inflammation. As the tendon loses elasticity, overuse or an injury to the tendon will cause pain. Tenosynovitis is a condition in the ankle in which the lining of the tendon becomes inflamed from injury, overuse or infection.


3.       A sprain or strain is diagnosed through X-rays to rule out a bone break. Arthritis is diagnosed through an examination of medical history and a physical evaluation. Fluid collecting in the joint is a sign that arthritis may be the cause of pain. Additional testing includes X-rays and blood tests for infection or disease. A physical examination of tendinitis in an ankle will show the tendon as warm and red. Tenosynovitis is diagnosed through an examination where a physician attempts to stretch the tendon to evaluate where the inflammation and pain occurs.


4.       A sprain or strain is treated by resting the ankle, applying ice to reduce


5.       The ankle is a joint that bears a large amount of weight and pressure during activity. To prevent injury, build muscle strength and flexibility in the ankle area. Being aware during activity will prevent overuse of the joint and injury of the tendons and ligament. Always warm up the muscles and joints prior to vigorous activity.


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