Ankle Ligament Pain

Ankle ligament pain is usually due to a sprained ankle. According to the Sports Injury clinic, "The most common is an inversion sprain (or lateral ligament sprain) where the ankle turns over so the sole of the foot faces inwards, damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle."

Ligament Pain

1.        When you have ankle ligament pain, it is usually caused by a sprain of one of the three ligaments that support the ankle. Damaged tendons or a small bone fracture can accompany the ankle ligament pain. Have X-rays done to diagnose why you're having the pain.

Grade 1 Ligament Pain

2.       There are three levels of ankle ligament pain. Grade 1 involves small stretching and tearing of the ligament. There is mild pain and mild swelling around the anklebone. You may have joint stiffness but are able to walk and run.

Grade 2 Ligament Pain

3.       Grade 2 involves tearing of the ligaments; the joint is unstable with swelling and some bruising. There will be moderate pain when walking.

Grade 3 Ligament Pain

4.       Grade 3 is a rupture or complete tear of the ligament. There will be severe swelling and bruising, and severe pain at the outset, and you will be unable to walk on it. You need to be under a doctor's care to recuperate from this injury.

R.I.C.E. Treatment

5.       When you have ankle pain you need to follow the so-called R.I.C.E. treatment. Rest your ankle. Ice your ankle for 20 minutes, every hour. Compress the ankle with a brace. Elevate your ankle to a little higher than hip height.

Ibuprofen for Pain

6.       Take ibuprofen or pain-reducing medication to reduce pain and swelling. After you have rested your ankle for a few days, you can begin to slowly stretch and strengthen it again.

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