How to Wrap Achilles Tendon


Injuring the Achilles tendon can be a painful and debilitating experience. Properly taping and supporting the tendon is essential for it to heal properly and effectively. The purpose of wrapping the Achilles tendon is to prevent it from stretching. Always consult a physician before beginning any self-treatment of an injury.


Things You'll Need:

  • ·          Shaver
  • ·         Under wrap tape
  • ·         5cm wide adhesive stretch tape
  • ·        
  1.  Step 1

Shave the injured leg to lower level of the knee. If you do not wish to shave the leg, you may use an adhesive spray and under wrap tape to prepare the area for the wrapping.

  1.  Step 2

Apply the 5cm tape to the upper calf. Wrap the tape once around the leg and firmly press it to the skin. Tape should be wrapped approximately three-quarters of the way between the ankle and the knee. Apply one more piece around the calf so that two-thirds of the previous taping shows.

  1. Step 3

Apply the 3.5cm non-stretch tape to the foot. Wrap the tape once around the foot. Place the tape so it is in the direct center of the injured foot.

  1. Step 4

Apply one strip of the 5cm tape to the back of the leg. Position the leg so that it is lying flat and the calf is facing upwards. Start from the piece of 3.5cm tape at the underside of the foot and stretch the tape to the top of the taping around the calf. Do not press the strip against the injured tendon.

  1. Step 5

Stabilize the tendon with 5cm tape. Starting at the outside corner of the anchoring tape at the calf, draw the tape down and across the middle of the calf and down to the heal. Wrap the tape under the heal and up and across the calf back to the anchoring tape. Cut and press the end of the tape to the calf. Again, do not press the tape down onto the tendon.

  1. Step 6

Secure the wrap with 3.5 cm tape. Apply a horizontal strip of tape over the 5cm tape on the calf anchor. Wrap another piece of 3.5cm tape once around the ankle just above the heel. Place one final piece of tape over the loose end of the 5cm tape at the underside of the foot.

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