When an athlete gets Achilles tendonitis, there is often a tendency to "work through the pain." That's a prescription for disaster. Achilles tendonitis must be recognized and treated early on, before it becomes chronic and debilitating, or the tendon ruptures.


  1.  Step 1

Pay attention to the symptoms and physical findings associated with Achilles tendonitis. The earlier this condition is addressed, the easier it is to treat.

  1. Step 2

Rest the tendon. Reduce the number of miles run per week, calf exercises and other demanding physical activities and sports. Basically, if it hurts, stop making it hurt.

  1. Step 3

Ice the tendon after activity. Begin a program of gentle, slow Achilles stretching. Use anti-inflammatories before exercise or as needed for pain.

  1. Step 4

Place a 1/4 inch lift in the heel of the shoe of the affected foot. A lift of this height should not shorten the Achilles, particularly if immediately remove the lift after the problem resolves.

  1. Step 5

See your physician if treatments don't alleviate the problem, or it persists beyond 3 or 4 weeks.


Tips & Warnings

  • While there has been some controversy about the use of anti-inflammatories for Achilles tendonitis, there have been no definitive studies that associate such use and an increased incidence of Achilles rupture. This is particularly true for intermittent, judicious use.

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