How To Strap Your Achilles Tendon


When an injury occurs to the Achilles tendon, it is necessary to immobilize and support the tendon with injury wrap. By strapping the tendon in place, it ensures that the injured tendon receives the essential rest to heal properly.


Things You'll Need:

  • ·         Underwrap
  • ·         Shaver
  • ·         5cm stretchable adhesive tape
  • ·        
  • ·         Scissors
  1.  Step 1

Prepare the leg. Shave the leg from the ankle to the knee so that the tape remains fixed in place. Alternatively, prepare the leg with an underwrap applied with a spray adhesive.

  1. Step 2

Set the "anchor" tapings. Anchor tapings are the points to which the main body of the wrap will be fixed. Wrap the 5cm tape once around the leg approximately 3 inches to the kneecap. Repeat this action and overlap the previous taping so that 2/3 of it are showing. Wrap the 3.5cm tape once around the center of the foot.

  1. Step 3

Apply a strip of tape to the back of the calf. With the calf facing upward, use the 5cm tape and draw it along the length of the calf. One end should be placed on top of the anchor taping at the foot and the other should end at the anchor taping on the upper calf. Do not press the tape to the tendon.

  1. Step 4

Secure the tendon. Using the 5cm tape, start on the outside edge of the anchor taping on the upper calf and draw the tape down and across the calf to the ankle. Pull the tape down and around the heel and up and back across the calf to the anchor tape. Press the ends of the tape firmly in place.

  1. Step 5

Make three stabilizing wraps. Wrap the 3.5cm tape once around the anchor on the upper calf to tape down the loose ends of the 5cm tape, once around the anchor on the foot, and once around the tendon. Secure the tape on the tendon so that it is firm, but not so tight as to cut off circulation.

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