How to Splint an Achilles Tendon Tear


In the event of an Achilles tear, it is necessary to support the tendon to facilitate proper healing. Wrapping the tendon with medical tape will keep the tendon in the proper position and reduce the chances for re-aggravation. Below are steps you can take to properly stabilize the Achilles tendon.


Things You'll Need:

  • ·          Underwrap with adhesive spray
  • ·         Shaver
  • ·         5-cm stretch tape (adhesive)
  • ·        
  • ·         Scissors
  1.  Step 1

Prepare the leg for medical tape. Shave the leg from the ankle to the kneecap so that the tape will properly hold. If you do not want to shave the leg, you can also apply an underwrap with an adhesive spray.

  1.  Step 2

Apply the "anchor" tapings. Anchor tapings set the basis for the rest of the wrap and are applied in two areas of the leg. The first is on the upper calf about 3 inches below the kneecap. Use the 5-cm stretch tape and wrap once around the calf. Now apply another wrapping so that it overlaps the previous taping allowing 2/3 of it to show. Apply the final anchor taping using the 3.5-cm tape once around the center of the foot.

  1. Step 3

Apply stretch tape to the back of the leg. Using the 5-cm tape, press one end to the anchor taping on the underside of the foot and draw the tape up the back of the calf to the upper calf anchor taping. Press both ends of the stretch tape firmly in place at the anchors, but do not press the tape down over the tendon.

  1. Step 4

Set the tendon. Use the 5-cm tape and press one end firmly on the outside edge of the anchor taping on the upper calf. Draw the tape down and across the calf to the ankle. Pull the tape down and around the ankle and back up the other side. Now finish by pulling the tape back up and across the calf to the opposite outside edge of the anchor taping. The singular piece of tape should cross in the middle of the calf.

  1. Step 5

Apply stabilizing wraps. Use three pieces of the 3.5-cm tape to stabilize the tendon and wrap. Wrap once around the upper calf on top of the original anchor taping and wrap once around the anchor taping at the foot. Finally, apply the 3.5-cm tape once around the tendon. This final wrap should be firm, but not so tight as to cause pain.

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