How to Practice Pressing Techniques for the Achilles Tendon


The Achilles tendon, which holds the weight of your body and supports you during exercise as you run, jump and bounce, is often taken for granted. If you have injured your Achilles tendon, you now know just how much the tendon works. With some gentle pressing massage techniques and physical therapy, you can not only help your Achilles tendon to heal, you can help prevent future injuries.


Things You'll Need:

  • ·          Comfortable chair
  • ·         Massage oil or lotion
  1.  Step 1

Sit in a comfortable chair and carefully cross your injured leg over the top of your opposite knee. Your injured leg should rest upon the knee just a few inches above your ankle so that you can easily reach the achilles tendon.

  1.  Step 2

Warm up the tissue and muscles of your lower leg first, by applying a few drops of massage oil or even regular lotion to your hands and rubbing the muscles and tendons of your ankle with your palms. Use gentle yet firm pressure, moving your hands up and down to create heat and warm up the muscle.

  1. Step 3

Begin to work the Achilles tendon by relaxing your foot completely and using your thumbs to press into the tendon itself. Use the pressing motion from the base of your heal to the base of the gastroc muscle, or the large calf muscle at the back of your leg.

  1. Step 4

Hold your thumbs along any point where you feel excess pain or pressure, pressing the thumbs into the area with steady force as you gently wiggle your thumbs to release the tightness in the tendon.

  1. Step 5

Use firm pressure, which may cause slight discomfort, but shouldn't cause pain. Continue the pressing massage, working the entire length of the Achilles tendon. Practice this technique at least three times a day or when you feel it is necessary as part of your physical therapy.

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