Exercises for Torn Achilles Tendon


The Achilles tendon, a long tendon that runs up along the back of your leg, connects your foot with the muscles of your calf. According to AchillesTendon.com, the Achilles tendon facilitates your ability to walk, run and jump, along with your ability to contract the calf muscles to raise up on your toes. If you completely rupture the tendon, you'll often need surgery to repair it. Rehabilitation from a torn Achilles tendon can turn into a long process; make it easier through the regular practice of rehab drills and exercises.


  1. Extending Range of Motion

  2. Perform light and gentle stretching exercises to help restore the torn tendon's full range of motion following repair surgery. According to the University of Michigan, the easiest way to perform a stretch for the Achilles tendon involves grabbing a bath towel or other long towel and wrapping it around the ball of the foot while holding each end in one hand, creating a type of makeshift sling. Gently pull backward on the towel, which should slowly cause your foot to flex at the ankle, lengthening the Achilles tendon and eventually helping to restore it to its original level of flexibility. Move slowly and gently to avoid pulling or re-injuring it. Stop when you feel more than mild discomfort, holding the stretch for five to 10 seconds at a time, repeating the sequence three or four times to completely limber up the joint.

    Next, perform the standing version of this stretch. Stand facing a wall, placing your hands lightly against the wall to help keep your balance. Slowly and deliberately, rise up onto your toes until you have raised yourself as high as your body will allow you to go. Hold in the peak position for five to 10 seconds, lowering slowly and repeating five to 10 times.

    Increasing Blood Flow

  3. Increase the amount of blood flow to the area, along with working the ankle through a complete range of motion, by performing foot circles every morning and again at night. Sit on the edge of a bed or lie down with your feet hanging over the side. Initiate the movement by flexing at the ankle to point your toes downward. Slowly begin rotating the foot clockwise, with the toes pointed down at the "six o'clock" position and fully retracted with the foot pulled back at the "12 o'clock" position. Perform five or six circles in one direction, then reverse. This will increase range of motion in the Achilles Tendon while increasing blood flow to the region, which will facilitate improved recovery due to increased oxygen delivery.

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